Veronika Sudi

Finance Director

After earning degrees in Financial Controlling and Accounting, Veronika commenced her career as an accountant at a small consulting firm, where she soon transitioned to working with SAP, specialising in ERP.

Upon relocating to the UK, Veronika joined an implementation team handling a delicate corporate acquisition. Proficient in UK payroll procedures and legislation, and skilled in process documentation and testing, Veronika ensured the seamless transfer of all payroll activities internationally to Budapest, Hungary. Trained by the Institute of Payroll Professionals (IPP) in both London and Dublin, Veronika swiftly progressed to leading subsequent projects, including one in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland where she advanced to become a Payroll Accountant Specialist, managing a specialised team.

Over the ensuing four years, Veronika served as the Financial Manager for a prominent NGO in Cyprus, where she established an in-house financial department. Leading a team, she developed all financial policies and procedures, completed 25 external audits, and implemented a customised in-house accounting and time management system.

With experience in web design, Veronika founded her own company alongside her sister, in Vienna. She oversaw the organisation and conducted usability evaluations. Relocating to London presented a fresh challenge, leading Veronika to join Re: Cognition Health in 2016.

Initially joining as a Financial Manager, Veronika has earned numerous promotions and has served as the company’s Financial Director since 2021. She oversees all financial aspects of the business, including clinical trials finances, contracting, budgeting, financial modelling and forecasting, along with compliance and IT security, all crucial aspects within the medical field.

Veronika plays a pivotal role in establishing and managing the Re: Cognition Health Foundation, dedicated to supporting and advancing new research in the field of brain and mind health.