George Robinson

Global Patient Enrollment Advisor

Commencing his career in Cancer Research within North Wales as a Research Assistant, George published journals in Biochemical Pharmacology on the development of innovative chemotherapy delivery techniques. However, by 2015, it became apparent George’s true passion was in direct patient interaction and public engagement regarding clinical trials and disease pathology. This prompted his move to a full-service SMO based in the North West and the Midlands.

At the SMO, George worked across various sites in the Midlands, Manchester, and later Liverpool, before finding his professional home at Re:Cognition Health in 2018. Here, he assumed a leadership role in patient recruitment endeavours across the UK and US sites, leading a team which consistently meets and exceeds recruitment timelines while focusing particularly on enhancing diversity in patient recruitment. A recent highlight being randomising 95 Alzheimer’s patients within a mere 5-week recruitment window.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth, George embarked on an accelerated medicine course at Nottingham University which has only aided his leadership recruitment and retention strategies as well as professional relations.

Throughout his journey, one thing remained constant: the unwavering support and camaraderie of the Re:Cognition Health team. Their dedication and collaborative spirit make every challenge worthwhile, reinforcing George’s passion to their shared mission.