Signs Of Memory Loss

Are you or someone you know experiencing memory problems? If so, recognizing the common signs is crucial. Consider the following indicators as they may suggest the presence of memory issues. Don’t ignore the warning signs, take action today!

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Memory issues can be normal or a sign of mild cognitive impairment.

Regularly forgetting keys, the reason for going into a room, or having to read something over again, are all signs of being ‘absent-minded’. Research suggests that such characteristics are strongly linked to symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

Like many other conditions, prevention is better than cure and the earlier you start employing lifestyle changes, the better for your brain. Learn more about a new prevention study

If you, or someone you know, answer yes to any of the following examples, we’d recommend getting in touch by clicking the blue button below:

  • Asking the same question several times a day
  • Unknowingly telling the same story or anecdote
  • Forgetting details of conversations and recent events
  • Losing your way in familiar environments
  • Trouble remembering appointments
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