A recent study from R. Scott Turner, PHD, MD–one of our Principal Investigators at Re:Cognition Health USA–shows that both mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and dementia cases are rising due to Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, new biomarkers suggest that Alzheimer’s may actually begin developing as early as one to two decades before its full onset—Turner divides the Alzheimer’s spectrum into three stages:

Preclinical AD: normal cognitive decline
Prodromal AD: mild cognitive impairment
AD: decline in cognition; dementia

With increasing understanding of evidence from biomarkers, scientists are uncovering a new set of tools that may help when it comes to earlier diagnosis and potential treatment. As current treatments for Alzheimer’s are typically temporary and limited, this is a step forward.

Biomarkers have also allowed for prevention trials for cognitive decline. A highlight of these is the possibility for lifestyle intervention to delay the effects of both MCI and Alzheimer’s—even things like diet changes or exercise may help.

This is why Clinical Trials are more important than ever, even if you don’t experience signs of memory loss! Finding the relevant biomarkers for AD as early as possible gives us the opportunity to slow the progression of AD and provide recommendations for lifestyle changes. Read the full article below, or sign up for one of our studies today.

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