Groundbreaking Early Alzheimer’s Detection Potentially Found

August 21, 2020

Alzheimer's Blood Clinical Trial Detection Early Memory Study. Memory Studies Test Trial


An early study was done using blood testing to discover Alzheimer’s ahead of time. The tests track certain protein problems and levels in the blood that point to the disease. It could potentially help doctors know even 20 years before dementia symptoms begin.


The only tests available right now to detect Alzheimer’s early are very expensive and invasive, and not many people can get them. The blood test has so far been just as accurate at diagnosing as the pre-existing tests, and it can help distinguish between potential Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders.


Although more testing needs to be done, this possibility could allow more people to be tested and know before much damage to the brain has happened, which means treatment could be possible. It would also help medical professionals learn more about the disease since they would be testing a diverse range of people.


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