Dr Maite Ferrin features in the European Medical Journal

The Re:Cognition Health Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist was interviewed for a feature on ADHD Awareness, Mechanisms and Treatments: Advances and Challenges

Dr Ferrin is a leading expert in the field of ADHD. She was one of the first psychiatrists in the South of Spain to diagnose ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Dr Ferrin has published over 40 international peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on child psychiatry. In addition, she is a member of international groups with special clinical and research interest in the ADHD/ADD field.

Genetics may be responsible for up to 70-80% of cases of ADHD

The feature explores the role of neurobiology and genetics. Dr Ferrin explains how research is displaying the diverse nature and characteristics of ADHD as well as revealing the neurological mechanisms associated with the condition. Genetics are also explored, which may in fact be responsible for up to 70-80% of cases of ADHD.

Channeling the condition into a positive attribute

The Re:Cognition Health ADHD Clinic is passionate about overcoming the stigma associated with ADHD. In the interview, Dr Ferrin discusses the positive attributes of children with ADHD. For example, high energy levels, creativity, social empathy and charisma. “If they use this in a positive way and with the right support, the opportunities are amazing,” comments Dr Ferrin.

New technologies support an early, accurate diagnosis of ADHD

The only way to diagnose ADHD is by completing a specialist assessment in a clinical environment. The ADHD assessment lasts for approximately 1.5 hours and includes an online test, called the QbCheck, a clinical interview and the completion of a number of validated assessment scales. The QbCheck and QbTest are the only ADHD tests that are both CE marked and FDA/TGA cleared for use as an aid in the assessment and treatment evaluation of ADHD for people aged 6 to 60 years old. The technology measures attention, impulsivity and motor activity and is used to support the final clinical judgement.

Early diagnosis is important to enable access to appropriate treatment

Our Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists are passionate about helping individuals get an early, accurate diagnosis of their symptoms. It’s important to get an early diagnosis as this can have a significant impact on the condition in later life.



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