Chronic Pain Conference

July 24, 2018

Dr Steven Allder to speak at Post Traumatic Neurological Pain Syndromes Conference

The conference will explore the issues experienced by patients with chronic pain and examine the different approaches to pain management, causation aspects of pain and complex regional pain syndrome.

Post traumatic pain can be debilitating for patients. If severe and chronic, it tends to consume their attention and, in turn, limit their whole quality of life. Understanding and diagnosing post-traumatic pain is often difficult. This is especially the case when assessing patients for the first time in their chronic phase.

In his presentation, Dr Allder will provide frameworks for diagnosis and prognosis using detailed case studies. This will be achieved by combining the basic science of pain research with necessary neuroanatomy. 

Consultant Neurologist and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Expert

Dr Allder is a recognised expert in the assessment of patients with traumatic brain injury. He has a special interest in diagnosing medically unexplained neurological symptoms.

Dr Allder is leading a trailblazing research project exploring the utility of Magneto-encephalography (MEG) and Quantitative EEG. The study is examining the utility of MEG beyond the most sophisticated structural imaging to accurately detect the presence of organic brain injury in patients.  Patients participating in the study include those who have suffered a head injury and have been left with enduring neurological, neuro-cognitive and neuro-emotional sequelae.

Once the presence of organic brain injury can be accurately determined, further research can be targeted at attempting to improve the clinical symptoms that these patients suffer.

The conference will take place on 10 October 2018.