Our brains are the key to who we are

Our private psychology clinic provides bespoke treatment services to help your brain work at its optimum potential

What is psychology?

Psychology is the study of brain-behaviour relationships. How our brain functions can be affected by a number of things. This includes factors such as: dementia, head injury, tumours, epilepsy, strokes or other medical conditions. Everyday factors such as stress, low mood or poor sleep can also affect how the brain functions. Impact of stress in the work place

Our private neuropsychology clinics led by an experienced team of professional and provides specialist neuropsychology services to private patients.

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Neuropsychological Assessment

A neuropsychological assessment will help determine what and how cognitive and emotional function may have changed. This could be as a result of a number of different factors. For example, head injury, dementia, neurological disease, stress, mood or sleep difficulties.

What happens in a Neuropsychological Assessment?

You are usually referred for an assessment by your doctor, but you can also self-refer. Neuropsychological assessments are considered non-invasive and do not require any physical examination, injections or drugs.

A typical assessment at our private neuropsychology clinic usually takes 2-3 hours. Although, some sessions may be shorter or longer than this. The appointment will start with a chance to talk about your symptoms and there will be breaks if you need them. Sometimes it is helpful for us to speak to someone who knows you well and can give additional background information.

During the assessment you will be asked to do a number of pen and paper tasks, as well as some computer tasks. These are designed to help us understand how your brain is working, including telling us about your strengths and weaknesses.

After the assessment you will be provided with feedback about your strengths and weakness and advice for further treatment, if needed. A report will also be prepared and sent to the person who referred you. You can also receive a copy if you would like.

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

Our experts also provide specialist input to help you understand and cope with any changes that may have resulted from conditions such as brain injury and dementia.

Rehabilitation could involve helping family and individuals to learn new ways of coping with cognitive and emotional challenges. It could also allow you to explore, understand and adapt to challenges to identity.

Collaboration is key to successful treatment. We will work collaboratively with you, and if needed your family, to develop goals for therapy. We will provide you with a bespoke treatment plan to achieve those goals. This could include the number of sessions, length of sessions and the frequency of sessions.

Clinical Psychology Therapy

Psychological therapy can help us to understand why we sometimes struggle to overcome certain challenges. The aim is to work collaboratively and flexibly with all clients.

Your therapist will discuss the goals of therapy at the beginning of your treatment. By working together, we can support you to learn new skills to manage these difficulties as they arise. This will enable you to take action and focus on what is most important to you.

Our Clinical Psychologists aim to reduce distress and improve the well-being of our client. We use a range of evidence based assessment and therapy methods, which we can discuss with you during your first session.

We can also agree on a suitable treatment plan including number of sessions, length of sessions and frequency of sessions.

Accessing care

The first step to arranging an appointment at our clinic is to contact our team of patient coordinators.

You’ll need to provide a referral letter from your GP or other healthcare professional. That way we can make sure that you see a psychiatrist with the relevant expertise. You can contact our team by filling in the form below or by calling 020 3355 3536

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